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One of the more challenging aspects of being a Restaurant Owner and Operator is that at some point you may have to deal with legal issues. It is important that you have access to expert guidance and information to help support you during these times. Vine Solutions has significant experience in providing expert witness testimony on a variety of matters that relate to the financial management of restaurants. We have provided this type of expert witness testimony to a number of clients over the years while also giving the personal support that is needed through these extremely serious periods. If you have additional questions about legal issues we will provide you with the guidance and direction to find the appropriate help for your specific situation.

Expert Witness

Edward Levine was retained as an expert for a local restaurant and hotel company in a case that involved the calculation of damages and an assessment of whether the plaintiff had fulfilled its obligations reasonably pursuant to a management agreement. Mr. Levine performed various analyses involving numerous scenarios and testified in depositions and at an arbitration hearing. Vine Solutions' client was awarded $1.8 million based on Mr. Levine's testimony. Mr. Levine has been retained as an expert for plaintiffs and defendants in a variety of cases involving restaurants. Legal clients include: Farella, Braun and Martel, LLP; Steyer Lowenthal Boodrookas Alvarez and Smith, LLP; Roeca, Haas, Hager LLP; Hanson Bridgett LLP; Zacks Utrecht and Leadbetter and; Janin, Morgan and Brenner