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Expert Witness

Edward Levine was retained as an expert for a local restaurant and hotel company in a case that involved the calculation of damages and an assessment of whether the plaintiff had fulfilled its obligations reasonably pursuant to a management agreement. Mr. Levine performed various analyses involving numerous scenarios and testified in depositions and at an arbitration hearing. Vine Solutions' client was awarded $1.8 million based on Mr. Levine's testimony. Mr. Levine has been retained as an expert for plaintiffs and defendants in a variety of cases involving restaurants. Legal clients include: Farella, Braun and Martel, LLP; Steyer Lowenthal Boodrookas Alvarez and Smith, LLP; Roeca, Haas, Hager LLP; Hanson Bridgett LLP; Zacks Utrecht and Leadbetter and; Janin, Morgan and Brenner